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About Kudos

Run by experts in the field of Payroll, Recruitment, Finance and Customer Service, Kudos Executive Board have a wealth of experience in running various businesses. Kudos Umbrella provide Contractors and Agencies with an efficient payroll solution. Our aim here at Kudos is to provide advice and customer service like no other Umbrella Company, with a promise that your query is resolved within 24 hours. Our Managing Director has served with high-end Hotel chains and reputable Recruitment agencies successfully running their Finance Departments.


So how does it all work?

  • Contractor registers with Kudos
  • Contractor is now an employee of Kudos
  • Employee carries out their job/shift
  • Employee sends Timesheet to Agency
  • Agency send us the hours and rate via a remittance – usually on a Wednesday or Thursday
  • We raise an invoice
  • Agency make payment to Kudos
  • Kudos deducts Employer NI (& Pension where applicable) and our charge (Margin) from Gross Payment
  • Then the remaining balance is subject to PAYE Tax, NI (& Pension where applicable)
  • Kudos then pay net of all the above deductions to Employee
  • Employee receives notification of payment and payslip no later than Friday 2pm

And you will also be protected with our indemnity insurance, now that’s a reason to join Us!

Benefit for the Agency

Reduced Costs

We understand that a business needs to concentrate on driving sales and looking after their contractors, that is why Kudos will reduce the costs of admin and payroll by taking care of all that.

Benefit for the Contractor

One Employer - TAX saving

There are many reasons to join an Umbrella company, but one benefit is being able to work through different agencies yet your employment status will remain with one employer, and that is Kudos. Therefore, your TAX code will remain the same and this will be more tax efficient for you.